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AMMO MODELLING GUIDE - How to Paint with the Airbrush

AMMO MODELLING GUIDE - How to Paint with the Airbrush

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Jose Luis Lopez, along with Mig Jimenez, Sergiusz Peczek, and Diego Quijano, has prepared this comprehensive volume with all the advice and techniques necessary for the proper maintenance and use of the airbrush when painting all types of models, from figures and military vehicles to dioramas and airplanes. With the collaboration of a team of great modelers, they will show you through 179 pages all the secrets of the airbrush in an entertaining and very didactic way, with numerous photos and step-by-step processes. This guide is undoubtedly the compilation you need to master such a necessary tool in current modeling as the airbrush.

In the first part, the technical aspects related to the airbrush and compressor are explained, including the fundamental parameters of paint dilution and air pressure, as well as the lighting and arrangement of the work table, and the equipment and procedure necessary for its cleaning and maintenance.

In the second part of the book, all the different applications and painting techniques that can be done with the airbrush are addressed, including pre-shading and base coats, all types of camouflage, lighting and shading, stencils, varnishes, transparent colors, aging and weathering, as well as the airbrush applications for painting dioramas and figures.

This is the deffinitive guide to master the airbrush!

Reference / Title: A.MIG-6131 AMMO Modelling Guide – How to Paint with the Airbrush (English)
Publisher: AMMO by Mig Jimenez
Subject: Modelling Guide
Author(s): José Luis López, Mig Jiménez, Sergiusz Pęczek, Diego Quijano, others
Languages: English (available also in Spanish, and French language)
No. of pages & Description: Paperback, 180 pages with high-quality colour photographs.
EAN: 8432074061311
ISBN: 978-84-17846-79-4
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